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Total lending: £14,141,577.15


Personal Guarantor



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Personal Guarantor


JustUs will only present a borrower on the platform who can afford the repayments. Your Capital is at Risk

Data as at 10 May 2021

Personal Guarantor Loans

If a borrower is a tenant, they will need to secure a personal guarantor, this personal guarantor will need to be of good financial standing and have a good credit score. They will also need to be a homeowner.

As all rates per risk grade are fixed for the term of the loan, we do not review or re-value loans within the fixed term period.

Risk Grade ISA Pot Combined Equifax Score Loan amounts Lender % p.a. Platform % p.a.
600+ £2,000 - £15,000 10.0% 18.0%
Risk Grade Forecast Capital Loss Live loans Number of loans
Guarantor 1.0% £75,126.69 22